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Genuine OKI Toner OKI develops and makes its own consumables to ensure the best performance from our printers. While there seems to be many choices of replacement consumable for OKI® toner-based printers—including some from non-printer companies—only one brand is recommended for use in our machines: genuine OKI toner. In the mid 1990s, OKI introduced a revolutionary new type of toner for their monochrome page printer engines. Traditionally, a crushing/grinding process was used to produce the fine toner powder to be used in the electrophotographic printing process (see image at right). OKI understood that this process led to some disadvantages to the printer user: Jagged edges of the toner particles allowed the toner to form on the paper in poor image quality (creating a “dusting” effect) Scattering effect that was visible at edges of lines and characters, due to the movement of the rough edged toner during the process To overcome these deficiencies, OKI developed Microfine Spherical Toner. A chemical process is used, producing smooth round particles about one-tenth the size of traditional toner (see image at right). The advantages were immediately clear. Virtually no toner scatter Sharper, crisper characters (even visible to the naked eye) Environmental Responsibility Overview Grow the future Meeting the ever-changing needs of business requires innovative technology. At OKI this goes hand-in-hand with environmental awareness. The company approaches its environmental policy in three ways: Creating eco-friendly products Contributing to environmental conservation in business activities, such as resource conservation Contributing to activities within the local community A holistic approach to green issues is taken when new products are developed. The environmental considerations are automatically integrated into the design, engineering and post-sales care of the product and its consumables. Among the eco-friendly features that can be found in many OKI products:

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